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Good oral health care can extend a pet’s life expectancy and reduce the risk of other health problems. All pets are at risk for developing dental problems. That is the reason that we continually focus on oral health care for your pet. We recommend that your pet has its teeth cleaned regularly to help them retain overall good health.  We also recommend dental x-rays with all cleaning procedures.  X-rays are important because they can show the doctor what is going on under the gum line.  If a problem is developing, the doctor can address it before it becomes a major issue. Our dental cleanings include the following:

  • The removal of tartar and buildup from your pet’s teeth with special dental tools
  • High-speed dental polishing to make your pet’s smile bright! 
  • Pre-medication to help your pet remain calm throughout their stay
  • General anesthesia using the safest, most dependable anesthetic agents; which means a faster and safer recovery for your pet
  • Your pet’s vital signs are monitored with blood pressure, ECG and Oxygen monitors attached
  • IV catheters are placed to run warmed fluids during the procedure to help maintain your pet’s body temperature
  • Oral examination by the veterinarian 
  • Extractions(if needed) will be performed by the doctor 
  • Monitoring by the nurse or technician to ensure a safe recovery from the procedure 

We will call you with an update and your pet will be ready to go home later that same afternoon.  When you arrive to pick up your pet, a member of your pet’s care team will meet with you to discuss home care and answer any questions you may have.

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