The Trade War’s Latest Casualties: China’s Coddled Cats and Dogs

Source:  New York Times / October 22, 2018

SHANGHAI — Olivia Ren never expected a trade war between the United States and China to affect Dada.

Dada is Ms. Ren’s beloved golden retriever, and she pays heavily in Shanghai for an imported American brand of pet food called Canidae so that he can eat the best. Ms. Ren often tastes his food herself to make sure it isn’t rancid or poisonous, as she believes Chinese pet food can sometimes be.

Now Canidae and other American brands have become collateral damage in a trade war that encompasses hundreds of billions of dollars in goods that flow between the two countries. Pet-food industry experts say revenge-minded Chinese officials have been delaying shipments at customs since May to get back at the United States. New tariffs in July have also made imported pet food more expensive.

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