Pet Care Specialists

Carrie Lowe

Carrie graduated from Northwestern university with a BA in Biology. Following graduation, she worked in San Francisco as a veterinary technician for 6 ½ years before returning to the South Bend area and starting work at Magrane as a veterinary assistant. She shares her home with her cat, Elmo.  Carrie enjoys getting to know and help a wide variety of patients and she likes learning more advanced and compassionate way to accomplish this. In her spare time Carrie enjoys reading, logic problems, and dancing.


Lisa Kaniewski











Lisa joined us in March of 2012.  As a Pet Care Specialist she enjoys getting to know our clients and their pets.  She works on developing a trust with them so that they are comfortable bringing their pets in to see us. Free time activities include reading, watching football and lying in her hammock.  Lisa’s home is shared with a feisty tabby cat named Lil Biscuit.

Kelley D’Amico











Kelly has been with MPMC since April of 2012. Kelly says it’s very satisfying to her to be able to help pets feel better along with helping their owners feel more confident about their pet’s care.  In her spare time, Kelly loves to read and has an active book club. She also enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with her awesome nephew, Charley. She shares her home with 2 chihuahuas, a cattle dog mix and 3 cats and is happy to say they are all from animal shelters!


Kristen VanDyke

Kristen’s career at MPMC started in October of 2010.  She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with an undergraduate degree, and after 10 years in the corporate world, she was able to leave that job and start helping animals.  She is passionate about helping animals, and she strives to make our patients comfortable, both physically and emotionally while they are in our care.  Kristen’s life revolves around animals, whether she is at home with her husband and their pets, at work or volunteering at Pet Refuge, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She also enjoys reading, gardening, watching movies and spending time outdoors.


 Megan Hinkle











Megan joined our team in December of 2014. She has experience in caring for pets and is a perfect fit for our pet care center.  She helps make sure your pet is clean, comfortable and loved during their visit with us.

Corinne Sanderson-Wyatt










Corinne  joined our team in July of 2015. She enjoys meeting clients and working with them and their pets. Corinne has three dogs at home; a Rottweiler named Nova, a Husky mix named Zues and a Golden Retriever names Princess. Corinne is a reptile enthusiast, and has an albino Ball Python named Alby. When Corinne isn’t working, she is usually in her home garage working on her Harley with her boyfriend.


Kayla Spence











Kayla graduated as an honor student from the ABC College. She joined our team in September of 2016 as a Pet Care Specialist. She enjoys working at MPMC because of the passion and teamwork that MPMC has for both it’s clients and their pets.  From the time Kayla was a little girl, helping animals was always a passion of hers. She loves animals of all sorts. In Kayla’s spare time she enjoys reading and any outdoor activity, such as camping and hiking. She has 2 dogs, Remington, a 3 year old red heeler mix and Daxter, a 13 week old bulldog/boxer mix.

Christina Standiford











Christy joined Magrane’s in August of 2016 as a Pet Care Specialist.