Pet Care Specialists

Carrie Lowe

Carrie graduated from Northwestern university with a BA in Biology. Following graduation, she worked in San Francisco as a veterinary technician for 6 ½ years before returning to the South Bend area and starting work at Magrane as a veterinary assistant. She shares her home with her cat, Elmo.  Carrie enjoys getting to know and help a wide variety of patients and she likes learning more advanced and compassionate way to accomplish this. In her spare time Carrie enjoys reading, logic problems, and dancing.

Zach Telschow










Zach joined our team in July of 2017. He’s a graduate of Purdue University and wants to go on to get his degree as a veterinarian.

Megan Hinkle











Megan joined our team in December of 2014. She has experience in caring for pets and is a perfect fit for our pet care center.  She helps make sure your pet is clean, comfortable and loved during their visit with us.

Christina Standiford










Christy started in August 2016. She love animals and has always wanted a job around them. Her dream job is to be a park ranger or DNR. Being outdoors and in nature is her paradise. She has had many pets, ranging from Guinea pig, rabbit, fish, dogs, cats, and even a few praying mantis.












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