Bonnie Schermer

Bonnie Schermer is a long time client of Magrane Pet Medical Center who was hired in April 2006. Her position is titled “Patient Advocate”, which means that she works to make sure your pet receives all the vaccines, tests, and other regular care needed.  Bonnie prepares the charts before your pet’s appointment, highlighting procedures that are due. Then, if it has been several days since the appointment was scheduled, she calls you to confirm your appointment time and the purpose for your visit.  Then, she will mention additional procedures recommended for your pet, in an attempt to help him or her receive the highest quality care available.

Bonnie lives in South Bend with her husband Gordon and two cats, Smudge and Rixy Biz.  In her spare time, Bonnie does genealogical research with her husband. She also writes and self-publishes novels of “Hysterical Fiction”, about the lives of her female ancestors.

Kim Fecher











Kim has been a part of our team since November of 2006. As part of her position as Comptroller, Kim handles the Accounts Payable and Account Receivable.  She and her husband Doug live in Granger. They have three children; 1 in Indianapolis, 1 in Chicago, and 1 married with 3 grandchildren.  Kim has 5 cats, 4 of whom think they are dogs and a dog who thinks she’s a cat!  In her free time Kim loves to scrapbook and travel.

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