How Do You Do Eye Surgery on a Bengal Tiger?

Source:  National Geographic / By PUBLISHED

Dr. Cameron Whittaker is a veterinarian in Sydney, Australia, who specializes in eye care for animals. Most of his regular patients have names like Fluffy or Buddy. Then there is Indira, a 220-pound Bengal tiger, whose failing vision, along with Whittaker’s efforts to save it, became a challenging nine-month quest Down Under. She faced a delicate surgery, during with multiple possibilities for things to go wrong.

Indira is a bit of a local celebrity: She grew up on Warner Brother’s Australian movie lot, and her movie credits include “Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid,” “George of the Jungle 2,” and a slew of television shows and commercials. Now 16, Indira lives in quiet retirement with other big cats at the Zambi Wildlife Retreat in Sydney. She remains a splendid beast.

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