Fear Free Certified

The Fear Free mission is to

prevent and alleviate

fear, anxiety, and stress

in pets by inspiring and educating

the people who care for them.

Our Fear Free professionals use the following strategies to help your pet experience a better visit:

  • Avoiding eye contact with your pet and focus on you instead
  • We provide non-slip surfaces on our exam tables so that your pet has improved balance and stability
  • We may use a towel or compression garment to apply gentle pressure to soothe your pet
  • We use pheromone diffusers to create a calming environment. For cats we offer pheromone sprayed towels to place over their carriers to help calm them. For dogs we will give you a bandana with pheromone spray on it to help ease your dogs anxiety.
  • We offer a variety of treats before and during an exam or procedure. This conditions your pet to the positives of care.
  • We can prescribe anti-anxiety or other calming medications
  • We are aware of your pet’s signs of fear, anxiety or stress and if necessary, we may delay or postpone the exam or procedure until a time when your pet is calmer and more relaxed

 We are proud to have Fear Free Certified Professionals on our team. They have    completed a course study of eight modules with exams after each module that needed to be successfully completed before they could move on to the next module. We are proud of our team members who have successfully completed this program. Their dedication truly is Better for your pet, Better for you!

To learn more visit the Fear Free Website at www.fearfreepets.com


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