CDC: These Dog Treats May Make You Sick

Source:  US News & World Report | By Katelyn Newman, Staff WriterJuly 5, 2019, at 10:37 a.m.

FORTY-FIVE PEOPLE IN 13 states have been infected by a strain of salmonella linked to pig ear dog treats, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this week.

Illnesses connected to the outbreak began between Nov. 18 and June 13, with a large number occurring in both February and April. The CDC said 34 of 38 ill people interviewed reported they had contact with a dog before they got sick, and 17 of 24 ill people reported contact with pig ear dog treats or dogs who had eaten such treats.

Twelve people have been hospitalized in connection with the outbreak, but no deaths have been reported and officials had not pinpointed a common supplier of the treats. Meanwhile, Pet Supplies Plus issued a recall for bulk pig ear product distributed in more than 30 states and stocked in open bins.

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