10 best cat carriers to easily transport your pet

Source:  The Independent / Pete Wise @PeteWilliamWise /

All pet cats need to be transported from time to time, whether for annual vet appointments, holidays, home moves, or if you and the cat enjoy travelling together, for fun.

Your cat carrier will have some effect on how comfortably and happily your cat travels – so it’s well worth making the effort to find the right one.

Which carrier is the right one, of course, will depend on your cat. Getting the right size of carrier for your cat is perhaps the most important consideration of all.

While it may feel as if buying a relatively spacious carrier would be the kind choice, a snugger fit may in-fact be best for short journeys, as cats tend to feel safer in small spaces. Think of all the times cats you’ve known have hidden behind the sofa or down some other improbably narrow gap: it’s usually the owner freaking out, not the cat.

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